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 Comtechnics LLC became Forest Stewardship Council™ Certificate holder on 19 July 2012. Use certificate code RA-COC-006013 to find us on the site



Implementation of the project leads to construction of a new biofuel plant with the production capacity of 100 000 tons of wood pellets per year and a CHP to supply the biofuel plant with heating and electrical energy as well as sales of electricity to the local network.



wood briquettes ruf

Our briquettes are pressed with minimal expenditure of energy from clean wood chips under high pressure. This eco-friendly natural product contains no additives or binders. Clean, residue-free combustion is almost guaranteed. We only process untreated wood that has been dried in prior to processing to on average 9% of moisture content. Therefore, our briquettes burn with almost no soot, ash and harmful pollutants. 1 ton of briquettes replace about 3- 4 RM of hardwood. They are suitable for all kinds of fireplaces and solid fuel boilers.

Rectangular briquettes RUF
No additives and binders
100% eco-friendly natural product
Standard: DIN 51731
Easy to stack and clean
Materials: conifers
Pallet: 96 bundles of 10 kg (960 kg)
Standard size: 155 x 95 x 65 mm
Weight: 0.8333 kg (+ / - 0.5%)
Water: 6-12%
Low ash content: <1%
Fl. Ingredients: 51.0%
Total sulfur: 0.25%
High calorific value: 18,0 MJ / kg
Prolonged combustion duration
Pallet type: throwaway pallet
Euro pallets to EPAL
Delivery status: available

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